Miles (IIE)

Country: Australia
State/District: Queensland
Date of fall/find: Found 1992
Total known weight: 265 kg (approx.)
Number of pieces: 1
Type: Iron. Octahedrite with silicate inclusions

Meteoritical Bulletin record: Click here

A mass of about 265kg was found on open shrub farmland, classification and analysis by J.T.Wasson, UCLA, Los Angeles, USA; the main mass remains in Australia, Met. Bull. 77, Meteoritics, 1994, 29, p.893. Petrology of silicate inclusions, mineral analysis, Y.Ikeda and M.Prinz, Proc. NIPR Symp. Ant. Met., 1996, (9), p.143; see also, Papers 20th Symp. Ant. Met., NIPR Tokyo, 1995, p.90. Ar-Ar age of silicate, 4.408±0.011 Ga, D.H.Garrison and D.D.Bogard, Meteoritics, 1995, 30, p.508 (abs.). Oxygen isotopic composition, R.N.Clayton and T.K.Mayeda, GCA, 1996, 60, p.1999. Bulk chemical composition of metal and silicate phase, Y.Ikeda et al., Papers 21st Symp. Ant. Met., NIPR Tokyo, 1996, p.54 (abs.); see also, Antarct. Meteorite Res., 1997, (10), p.373. Petrology, Y.Ikeda et al., Antarct. Meteorite Res., 1997, (10), p.355. Chlorine abundance, D.H.Garrison et al., MAPS, 2000, 35, p.419. Ar-Ar dating, noble gas contents and petrology of silicate inclusions, D.D.Bogard et al., GCA, 2000, 64, p.2133.

ID#: 7161
Description: Slice
Size: 3.5 x 3 x 0.3 cm
Weight: 19.15 gr

US$ 960.00


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