Juancheng (H5)

Country: China
State/District: Shandong Province
Date of fall/find: Fell 1997, February 15 1523hrs UT
Total known weight: 100 kg (approx.)
Number of pieces: many pieces (shower)
Type: Ordinary chondrite
Shock stage: S2

Meteoritical Bulletin record: Click here

A shower of small stones (>1000 individuals) fell near the Yellow River after a brilliant fireball with smoke and sparks terminated in a loud, resonating explosion; the fall ellipse measured about 10.5 x 4.3 km, oriented east-west; the largest recovered piece weighed 2.7 kg, and the total mass is >100 kg; one fragment was reported to have penetrated a roof and landed in a pot on a stove; classification and mineral analysis (Chen Yonghen and Wang Daode, Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry; Wang Ruitian, Heze Bureau of Seismology, and A.Rubin, Univ. of Calif., Los Angeles); the meteorite has been widely traded under the unofficial name 'Heze', J.N.Grossman, Met. Bull. 82, MAPS, 1998, 33, p.A221. Description, find circumstances, classification, petrology and mineralogy, Y.Chen et al., MAPS, 1998, 33, p.A177. Short-lived cosmogenic radionuclide data, fireball observations, J.F.Wacker et al., MAPS, 1998, 33, p.A160 (abs.). Determination of porosity and grain and bulk density, L.B.Moore et al., LPSC, 1999, 30, abs. #1128. Calculation of pre-atmospheric size based on Co-60 and Al-26 radionuclide activities, J.F.Wacker et al., MAPS, 2001, 36, p.A216 (abs). Magnetic susceptibility, P.Rochette et al., MAPS, 2003, 38, p.251.

ID#: 4917
Description: Crusted end cut
Size: 3.5 x 2 x 2 cm
Weight: 19.6 gr

US$ 440.00


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