Limerick (H5)

Country: Ireland
State/District: County Limerick
Date of fall/find: Fell 1813, September 10 0900
Total known weight: 50 kg (approx.)
Number of pieces: many pieces (shower)
Type: Stone. Ordinary chondrite, black, veined
Shock stage: S3

Meteoritical Bulletin record: Click here

A shower of stones fell after detonations, one of 17lb at Scagh, several smaller stones near Adare, one of 65lb at Brasky, and another of 24lb at Faha, S.Maxwell, Phil. Mag., 1818, 51, p.355, M.H.Hey, Cat. Met., 1966, p.271. Analysis, G.T.Prior, Min. Mag., 1921, 19, p.167. Analysis of the Brasky mass, H.J.Seymour, Sci. Proc. Roy. Dublin Soc., 1947, 24, p.157 (M.A.10-172). Olivine Fa19, B.Mason, GCA, 1963, 27, p.1011. Partial INAA, R.A.Schmitt et al., Meteoritics, 1972, 7, p.131. Al-26 content, G.F.Herzog, GCA, 1977, 41, p.1526. Siderophile element data, D.W.G.Sears and K.S.Weeks, GCA, 1986, 50, p.2815. Mobile trace element data, D.W.Lingner et al., GCA, 1987, 51, p.727. TL data, M.Haq et al., GCA, 1988, 52, p.1679. Analysis of olivine and kamacite, A.E.Rubin, GCA, 1990, 54, p.1219. Spectral study, black chondrite, D.T.Britt and C.M.Pieters, Meteoritics, 1991, 26, p.279. Sulfur isotopic composition of troilite, B.A.Paterson et al., LPSC, 1994, 25, p.1057 (abs.); see also, GCA, 1997, 61, p.601. Shock classification, Cu content, A.E.Rubin, Meteoritics, 1994, 29, p.93. Determination of cosmogenic Ne-21 production rate and exposure age, I.Leya et al., LPSC, 2000, 31, abs. #1562. Magnetic susceptibility, P.Rochette et al., MAPS, 2003, 38, p.251. Density and porosity, S.L.Wilkinson et al., MAPS, 2003, 38, p.1533.

ID#: 4822
Description: Small block. One side polished
Size: 2 x 0.7 x 0.3 cm
Weight: 2.07 gr

US$ 1,510.00


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