Magura (IAB-MG)

Country: Slovakia
State/District: Zilina region, near Slanica
Date of fall/find: Found 1840
Total known weight: 150 kg (preserved in collections)
Number of pieces: unknown
Type: Iron. Coarse (2.4mm) octahedrite, IAB main group, shock-hatched kamacite structure

Meteoritical Bulletin record: Click here

Numerous masses of total weight about 1500kg were found, but most were smelted and only about 150kg could be saved, O.Buchner, Die Meteoriten in Samml., Leipzig, 1863, p.168, W.Haidinger, Ann. Phys., 1844, 61, p.675. Analysis, 7.08% Ni, E.Cohen, Ann. Naturhist. Hofmus. Wien, 1900, 15, p.377. Contains cliftonite, A.Brezina, Ann. Naturhist. Hofmus. Wien, 1889, 4, p.102. X-ray identification of cohenite in Magura mass, A.Westgren and G.Phragmen, J. Iron Steel Inst., 1924, 109, p.159 (M.A.2-517), M.H.Hey, Cat. Met., 1966, p.286. K-Ar ages, W.Kaiser and J.Zähringer, Meteorite Research, ed. P.M.Millman, D.Reidel, Dordrecht, Holland, 1969, p.429. Further analysis, 6.67% Ni, 94.6 ppm Ga, 483 ppm Ge, 3.2 ppm Ir, J.T.Wasson, Icarus, 1970, 12, p.407. Carbon isotopic composition of graphite and cohenite, P.Deines and F.E.Wickman, GCA, 1973, 37, p.1295; GCA, 1975, 39, p.547. Coordinates, description; heavily shocked, V.F.Buchwald, Handbook of Iron Meteorites, Univ. of California, 1975, p.792. Study of phosphide morphology, A.J.Easton and H.A.Buckley, Meteoritics, 1979, 14, p.143. New analysis, B.G.Choi et al., GCA, 1995, 59, p.593. Tungsten and Re-Os isotopic composition, M.F.Horan et al., GCA, 1998, 62, p.545. Xe isotopic composition, T.Maruoka et al., Papers 23rd Symp. Ant. Met., NIPR Tokyo, 1998, p.69 (abs.); see also, MAPS, 1998, 33, p.A97 (abs.). New classification: a main group member of the IAB complex, J.T.Wasson and G.W.Kallemeyn, GCA, 2002, 66, p.2445.

ID#: 4808
Description: Old slice with labels
Size: 2.5 x 2 x 0.3 cm
Weight: 6.28 gr



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