Tsarev (L5)

Country: Russia
State/District: Volgograd region
Date of fall/find: Found 1968
Total known weight: 1225.3 kg
Number of pieces: 44
Type: Ordinary chondrite
Shock stage: S3
Weathering stage: W1

Meteoritical Bulletin record: Click here

A number of specimens were found in fields near Tsarev village, the largest mass weighed 284kg, the greatest distance between the find sites was 6.0 km. The fall may have occurred in 1922, December 6 at 0700 hrs(?), found 1968, recognized 1979, Met. Bull. 59, Meteoritics, 1981, 16, p.198. Brief description, R.L.Khotinok, Meteoritika, 1982, 41, p.3. Analysis, 20.54% total Fe, L.D.Barsukova et al., Meteoritika, 1982, 41, p.41. Information on scattering of specimens, 44 pieces of total weight 1225.3kg collected, I.T.Zotkin and V.I.Tsvetkov, Meteoritika, 1984, 43, p.3. Ar-Ar dating, D.V.Minh et al., LPSC, 1984, 15, p.552 (abs.). Mn-53 data, V.A.Alexeev et al., LPSC, 1987, 18, p.17 (abs.). Black chondrite, spectral reflectance properties, mineral and bulk chemical analyses, D.T.Britt et al., LPSC, 1988, 19, p.134 (abs.). Porosity and bulk density, M.Zbik, Papers 15th Symp. Ant. Met., NIPR Tokyo, 1990, p.209 (abs.). Measurement of short-lived cosmogenic nuclides, S.Vogt et al., Meteoritics, 1991, 26, p.403 (abs.). Bulk analysis of light silicate inclusion, L.F.Migdisova et al., LPSC, 1992, 23, p.909 (abs.). Determination of cosmogenic nuclides, M.Honda et al., Meteoritics, 1992, 27, p.234 (abs.). Be-10 and Al-26 data of metal and silicate, H.Nagai et al., GCA, 1993, 57, p.3705; see also, Papers 15th Symp. Ant. Met., NIPR Tokyo, 1990, p.179 (abs.). Cl and Cl-36 data, M.Honda et al., Papers 18th Symp. Ant. Met., NIPR Tokyo, 1993, p.176 (abs.). Petrological study of silicate inclusions, shock facies, L.F.Migdisova et al., LPSC, 1994, 25, p.905 (abs.). Melting experiments, N.G.Zinovieva et al., LPSC, 1994, 25, p.1559, 1561 (abs.). TEM and AEM study of opaque inclusions; mineral analysis, olivine Fa24.3, pyroxene Fs20.3, H.Leroux et al., MAPS, 1996, 31, p.767. High-temperature vaporization experiments, Yu.P.Dikov et al., LPSC, 1997, 28, p.299 (abs.). Microstructures and compositions of metal grains, H.Leroux et al., MAPS, 2000, 35, p.569. Shock and weathering classification, M.Ivanova, 2000, priv. comm. Recovery circumstances, R.A.Gallant, Meteorite!, 1999, 5(4), p.8. Mössbauer study, J.Galazka-Friedman et al., Geol. Quart. Warsaw, 2001, 45 (3), p.319.

ID#: 4773
Description: Very, very nice full slice of the fragment. Old find. Very fresh material!
Size: 7.5 x 7.5 x 0.3 cm
Weight: 36.9 gr

US$ 240.00


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