Isna (CO3.8)

Country: Egypt
State/District: , Luxor
Date of fall/find: Found 1970
Total known weight: 23 kg
Number of pieces: 1
Type: Stone. Carbonaceous chondrite (Ornans group, type 3.7-3.8), TL-subtype 3.7

Meteoritical Bulletin record: Click here

A 23kg individual was found about 100 km SW of Isna, on the Nile River near Luxor, Met. Bull. 53, Meteoritics, 1975, 10, p.149. Description and bulk analysis, 24.83% total Fe, orthopyroxene Fs1-15, R.L.Methot et al., Meteoritics, 1975, 10, p.121; see also, Meteoritics, 1974, 9, p.381 (abs.). Chemical composition of matrix material, H.Y.McSween,Jr., GCA, 1977, 41, p.1145. UV reflectance spectra, A.J.Cohen et al., Meteoritics, 1978, 13, p.420 (abs.). Noble gas data, exposure age, P.Englert et al., Meteoritics, 1980, 15, p.337 (abs.). Trace element data, H.-J.Knab, GCA, 1981, 45, p.1563. Al-26 and Mn-53 data, Ne-21 exposure ages, U.Herpers and P.Englert, J. Geophys. Res., 1983, 88 (suppl.), p.B312. Be-10 data, R.K.Moniot et al., GCA, 1983, 47, p.1887. TL data, B.D.Keck and D.W.G.Sears, GCA, 1987, 51, p.3013. Size-frequency distribution of chondrules, A.E.Rubin, Meteoritics, 1989, 24, p.179. Petrology and analysis of olivines and orthopyroxenes in porphyritic chondrules, subtype classification, E.R.D.Scott and R.H.Jones, GCA, 1990, 54, p.2485. Olivine composition and thermal history, R.H.Jones and D.C.Rubie, Earth Planet. Sci. Lett., 1991, 106, p.73. Th-U abundances, A.Rocholl and K.P.Jochum, Earth Planet. Sci. Lett., 1993, 117, p.265. Effect of metamorphism on isolated olivine grains, R.H.Jones, GCA, 1993, 57, p.2853. Isotopic composition and REE pattern of hibonite and fassaite in CAIs, S.S.Russell et al., LPSC, 1995, 26, p.1203 (abs.). Sulfur, Se, Na and Ni abundances, G.Dreibus et al., Meteoritics, 1995, 30, p.439. IR diffuse reflectance spectroscopy, K.Sato et al., Papers 21st Symp. Ant. Met., NIPR Tokyo, 1996, p.151 (abs.). IR diffuse reflectance spectra, K.Sato et al., MAPS, 1997, 32, p.503. Porosity and liquid permeability, C.M.Corrigan et al., MAPS, 1997, 32, p.509. Petrological study of amoeboid olivine inclusions, chondrule size, and type of refractory inclusions, A.E.Rubin, MAPS, 1998, 33, p.385. Mineralogy, petrology, and isotopic composition of CAIs, S.S.Russell et al., GCA, 1998, 62, p.689. Q noble gas components, H.Busemann et al., MAPS, 1999, 34, p.A21 (abs.). Mg and potassium isotopic compositions of hibonites, K.K.Marhas et al., MAPS, 1999, 34, p.A77 (abs.). Oxygen isotopic composition, R.N.Clayton and T.K.Mayeda, GCA, 1999, 63, p.2089. Noble gas data, cosmic-ray exposure age, P.Scherer and L.Schultz, MAPS, 2000, 35, p.145. Study of primordial noble gases in "phase Q" by closed-system stepped heating, H.Busemann et al., MAPS, 2000, 35, p.949. Study of troilite and magnetite rimmed FeNi grains, N.Imae and H.Kojima, Antarct. Meteorite Res., 2000, (13), p.65. Mineralogy and petrology of amoeboid olivine inclusions, recommended petrologic subtype 3.8, L.J.Chizmadia et al., MAPS, 2002, 37, p.1781.

Specimen ID#: 1930
Description: Thin slice with some crust from the stone from Prof. H. Winbeck collection. Copies of two letters from W. Zeitschel
Size: 3.7 x 1.8 x 0.15 cm
Weight: 1.21 gr
Price: US$ 305.00


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