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Total different meteorites: 123
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- Meteorite specimens: 155
- Unclassified meteorites: 30
- Impact rocks specimens: 168
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Country: USA
State/District: Arizona, Pima Co.
Coordinates: 31°51'N, 110°58'W
Date of fall/find: Found 1850, (before)
Total known weight: 975 kg
Number of pieces: 2
Type: Ungrouped iron, ataxite, Ni-rich with silicate inclusions
Mineral analyses:
Pyroxene Fs0.4
Pairings:not known
Synonyms:Ainsa Iron; Arizona; Bartlett Meteorite; Cañada de Hierro; Carleton Iron; Irwin; Irwin-Ainsa Iron; Muchachos; Ring Meteorite; Santa Catarina Mountains; Santa Rita; Signet Iron; Sonora; Taos; Tuscon
Specimen ID# 576