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Total different meteorites: 137
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- Meteorite specimens: 179
- Unclassified meteorites: 20
- Impact rocks specimens: 152
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Country: Russia
State/District: Stavropol region
Coordinates: 45°42'N, 43°42'E
Date of fall/find: Found 1981, September
Total known weight: 12.7 kg
Number of pieces: 1
Type: Primitive achondrite, ungrouped, olivine-rich
Mineral analyses: Total iron: 24.46%
Olivine Fa25.5
coarse-grained matrix (CGL):
olivine: Fa25.48
opaque-rich lithology (ORL):
olivine: Fa23.33
orthopyroxene: En76.8 Fs22.3 Wo1.0
augite: En47.9 Fs9.3 Wo42.9
poikilitic patches (PP):
plagioclase: An37.0 Ab62.4 Or0.54
orthopyroxene: En69.2 Fs23.3 Wo7.5
augite: En47.2 Fs10.2 Wo42.6
Pairings:not known
Synonyms:not known
Specimen ID# 384