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Country: USA
State/District: Arizona, Coconino Co.
Coordinates: 35°3'N, 111°2'W
Date of fall/find: Found 1891
Total known weight: 30000 kg (approx.)
Number of pieces: unknown
Type: Iron. Octahedrite, coarse (2.0mm)
Mineral analyses:
Pairings:Canyon Diablo (no.2)?
Synonyms:Albuquerque; Idaho; Arizona; Northampton?; Barringer; Otasawian; Bloody Basin; Tacoma?; Camp Verde; Cañon Diablo; Canyon Diablo (1936); Canyon Diablo (1949); Colorado River; Cut Off; Diablo Canyon; Ehrenberg; Elden; Fair Oaks; Fossil Springs; Ganado; Helt Township; Houck; La Paz; Las Vegas; Mamaroneck; Moab; Monument Rock; Mount Elden; Oildale; Palisades Park; Panamint Range; Pulaski County; Roswell; Schertz; Wickenburg (iron); Winsloe; Winslow
Specimen ID# 3016