Northwest Africa 7867 (LL7)

Country: Morocco
Date of fall/find: Found 2012
Total known weight: 3.386 kg
Number of pieces: 1
Type: Ordinary chondrite (LL7)
Weathering stage: W1

Meteoritical Bulletin record: Click here

History: Purchased by Aziz Habibi in Morocco, 2012. Physical characteristics: Single stone, weathered fusion crust, broken surface reveals scattered small clasts set in a fine-grained, friable, light-gray matrix. Petrography: (C. Agee, UNM) Microprobe examination of a polished mount shows a brecciated, recrystallized chondrite, no chondrules present. Numerous equilibrated chondrite clasts from 500 µm to 2 mm set in a fine-grained cataclastic matrix. Three distinct LL lithologies identified based on texture and olivine Fa-content. Geochemistry: (C. Agee and L. Burkemper, UNM) Lithology-1: Fa30.6±0.5, Fe/Mn=61±3, n=17; low-Ca pyroxene Fs25.1±0.3Wo2.2±0.6, Fe/Mn=37±1, n=13; lithology-2: Fa32.5±0.3, Fe/Mn=65±3, n=8; low-Ca pyroxene Fs26.6±0.5Wo2.1±0.4, Fe/Mn=40±2, n=6; lithology-3: Fa29.2±0.5, Fe/Mn=60±2, n=5; low-Ca pyroxene Fs23.7±0.1Wo1.9±1.5, Fe/Mn=35±1, n=3. Classification: Ordinary chondrite (LL7), breccia, chondrules absent, weathering grade W1. Specimens: 33 g including a probe mount on deposit at UNM, Aziz Habibi holds the main mass.

Specimen ID#: 4451
Description: Slice with crust
Size: 4.5 x 2 x 0.3 cm
Weight: 6.6 gr
Price: US$ 65.00


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