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Country: Chile
State/District: Atacama, Atacama Desert
Coordinates: 24°12.2'S, 68°48.4'W
Date of fall/find: Found 1822, (known)
Total known weight: 920 kg (approx.)
Number of pieces: unknown
Type: Stony-iron. Pallasite, main group, angular olivine shape
Mineral analyses:
Pairings:Port Orford
Synonyms:Antofagasta, Salta Atacama, Calderilla, Campo del Puchara, Campo del Puchara, Caracoles, Catamarca Catamarka Del Parque Gran Chaco (pallasite) Ilimaes (pallasite) La Encantada La Rioja Ollague Peine Potosi Salta San Pedro San Pedro de Atacama Toconao
Specimen ID# 440149 more of Imilac
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